The Lost Secret might as well be called The Most Valuable Secret – because that is surely what it is. I have been a Christian for 32 years and hit a really dry time in my walk with the Lord. My desert experience went on so long, I really began to question my faith. That’s when I read The Lost Secret. It took me on a journey back to my roots and also to places I’d never been before. It did both, because it has a unique quality I’ve found in few books. It’s both simple and profound. My Lost Secret journey brought me back to the Lord and provided a much-needed drink for my very dry soul.

Jim Lavin - Businessman

"The Lost Secret" is a powerful book in that it puts the focus on Jesus and what He did at the cross. It shows the empty efforts of people to have the power of God in their lives with out the power of the cross.

I am a speed reader and often read books in the bookstore while my wife is shopping. This book however, I read slowly over a matter of a few weeks. Through the writing and art the message of the cross was clearly revealed. The message is simple yet profound.

Richard Suarez clearly is a cross and Jesus man. You will be blessed and even changed as you journey through the pages.

The painting of the woman at peace holding the cross in passionate love expresses the deep emotion this book brings out. That painting Richard gave to my wife and I and it hangs in our living room.

Love Jesus, Follow Jesus, Take to the cross and see Jesus and know him in power.

I recommend this book and encourage you to take the time to read it and get to the cross.

A pilgrim follower of Jesus,

Arthur Blessitt

Luke 18:1

If you are satisfied with your life, your church or your family, don’t read this book! If you want to be enlightened to a new way of living, the Jesus Way vs. the Religious Way, and be transformed with supernatural power and love, then this book is the beginning of a journey! The Lord has given me a new love for people. That sounds odd. I’ve become much more loving and less judgmental because I have let a better, truer love, a love that isn’t mine, come up from within instead of trying hard to muster it up on the surface. This is just the beginning of my journey, my first read was so rich that I am reading The Lost Secret a second time.

Jason Rovenstine - Marketing Consultant

The Lost Secret is by far the best book I have ever read. It has totally changed my life. The insight in it brings the Christian life alive. I have read the book over and over and every time I read it, God brings more truth out. After reading a chapter, I often just sit with my mouth open in amazement wondering why I never saw this truth before. The book made Christian life so simple, but so alive.

Nathan Glick - Businessman

One of the things that sets The Lost Secret apart from other books is its presentation of a radical duality – how two seemingly opposite truths can exist side-by-side in the Kingdom. I commend you for that. The writer who is willing to touch that idea knows God is big. You do not seem afraid of apparent contradictions, at least not in the sense of being so prideful you have to be able to understand and explain everything, or put it into a formula. That is refreshing! We normally see one or the other. There are tons of books that say, “Die, die, die. Suffer, suffer, suffer. When you get to heaven it will all be worth it.” And there are tons of others, especially in vogue today, that say, “Name it and claim it! God’s will is for you to be rich! If you do everything right you will never be sick or suffer loss or die!”

To both of these types of writers and their books, I might suggest, Your God is too small, and your ego too large! We don’t need any more of those one-dimensional books. They don’t reach us on a Spirit level. But there are a precious few who embrace the big idea-or the idea that God is big. These are the writers I want to read. These, in my opinion, are the classics.

Gwen Faulkenberry - Novelist

As a pastor, I am not here to cast stones, but the reality is the church needs to change. I am a perfect example of that. I had been a believer for 30 years and a pastor for 20 years before reading The Lost Secret. It’s not religion, but a core truth reality that the church must embrace again. Only then will it become relevant to its own members and those in the world to which it is reaching out.

Theodore Reid - Pastor

The Lost Secret is not about religion at all. It is about igniting a passion and uniting the passionate. It reveals Christ’s great passion that led Him to do for the whole world the sacrifice of love that He did, and shares how this love is still relevant today. It inspires us to understand that this passion is to be experienced in united beauty with one another. Without the burden of the law and religious trappings, it reveals that in Christ alone there is complete freedom and simple, child-like joy and life to be had. This book will help you, as it does me, to be  truly at peace with myself and to be united in love with others.

Aaron D. Huber -Inventor

The Lost Secret is not merely a book, it is a divine work of art. When I began reading, it was amazing to me that I was pulled into the first chapter as I followed the author’s journey. Continuing, I found myself identifying with my own journey and some of the painful places that I had been, and I experienced the Lord’s comfort as He lovingly assured me that He has never left my side through it all. In talking with other people, they tell me the same thing and that each one has a personalized, intimate encounter with the Lord.

Angela K. Brittain - Author and Director, Fear to Freedom Ministries

The Lost Secret has been for me personally, a doorknob, a gateway that flung open the door to my total freedom. It has been a breath of fresh heavenly air that liberated me from the erroneous double-minded thinking and teaching I was subject to for 34 years from religious teachers who co-mingled the law (Old Covenant) and grace (New Covenant). No more double-mindedness for me!

I can sincerely confess that I have come into the full understanding that in the New Covenant, God took all my futile efforts (under the law) to get into right standing with Him entirely out of the equation. Salvation was freely given by God through faith alone in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. No more striving for me!

Julius Toth - Entrepreneur

The Lost Secret takes core ingredients in the Bible and presents them in real-life situations along with wonderful illustrations. This combination provided us with a greater understanding of who God is and what He wants for our lives than any other book we have ever read. A good example of this was in the “Judge Not” chapter. This was heart-rendering as we found out that we were constantly judging others for their faults or thinking they were not as advanced in their Christian walk as were. As the book says, God is the only one who fits or belongs in the judgment seat.

This, along with many, many other revelations in The Lost Secret, have changed our lives forever.

Wayne and Kay Phifer - Sales Representatives


The Lost Secret is a must-read. It delivers fresh perspectives, vivid illustrations, and practical principles for both young and old alike. While you may read it in one sitting, you will return to it again and again. The Lost Secret offers real hope and real answers. It will provoke you to make choices that will produce lasting change. In this book the author takes the reader on the journey of a lifetime. You will learn valuable truths that you will treasure and will want to pass on to all you know and love. I highly recommend The Lost Secret.

Dr. M. Dana Gammill - Pastor Cathedral of Life


The Lost Secret begins with the powerful personal testimony of Rick Suarez. From his testimony through out the rest of the book, Rick guides us on an epic journey as he helps to examine what it is to be able to walk under the grace and within the power that Christ intended for us. I found reading the Lost Secret to be thought provoking, soul searching and life changing. I highly recommend the Lost Secret as a MUST READ.

Mark Williams -  Investment Director - Private Equity


I watched your message on TBN. I had been praying and you had a "right now" word that fell exactly in line with what I was praying about: Get back to the basics- Jesus, The Cross, and His Resurrection. This will enable us to return to our "First Love."

Anonymous Reader  


When you shared the mental vision of God the Father and Jesus looking into each other's eyes, faces, full of sorrow, and they said, "Did we do this for nothing? " Instantly something exploded in my spirit and I intensely had to have your testimony to share with others.

Karen Grafton-  Devoted follower of Christ


I saw your interview on TBN. I know the Lord brought this back to my attention for a reason. I had been believing God for love, joy, peace and power. The same choice of words was on your intro page and as I kept reading, I was anxious to "cocoon" and die to self, again. I ordered five to give to my daughter and friends.

Anonymous Reader  


For me, opening The Lost Secret was like finding a treasure box. Every page I read was like looking at a treasured gem of truth from a different angle. This book sheds light into my heart like a flashlight, shinning light on those places where it seemed impossible to see anything new. I experience the power of the Holy Spirit every time I read this book - I always know when I start reading, the Holy Spirit will just start talking, almost immediately I feel His presence! It's awesome.

I can start anywhere in the book because every chapter is a stand alone. The Lost Secret is truly an experience, not just a good read. On every page you will feel a longing, the longing to walk deeper with God. You know what? Do something for yourself that will make a real difference. Get this book! You will begin to experience healing and even new thought patterns will emerge without the familiar strangling grips.

Paula White - Singer - Voice Instructor