The first time I met Rick Suarez was back in 1986. He was president of a multi-million- dollar corporation called Consumer Direct/Fitness Quest. I am a commercial photographer and was hired to photograph the many exercise products that Rick’s company manufactured. During a photo shoot, here would come Rick to lend a hand with the creative process. Here was a guy that had his own art directors, vice presidents, secretaries and all the rest. Yet he wanted to be involved in every aspect of what the public’s perception was of his company. To me, that spelled integrity. It also started a friendship that still exists to this day.

Fast-forward 16 years to 2002. I was going through a rough time in my marriage. I called Rick to meet for coffee and shared with him that my faith was weak and I had lost confidence in “the church.” He prayed for me and shared that on Monday night there’s a group of believers that meet at his home to get real with God. In addition he shared that the Lord had given Him the mission to author a book called The Lost Secret. The following Monday, my wife, Lisa, and I showed up at Rick and LuAnn’s home to see just what it was all about. We met people that night that were all simply there seeking God. Rick basically turns the evening over to the Holy Spirit and lets the Power of God operate amongst all of us. Everyone there came from a different place and background. Over time we have grown to love one another. We have both laughed and cried together, prayed for one another, and we help each other. Many of the concepts that were given to for The Lost Secret were first illustrated to us in the home group directly by the Holy Spirit.

Shawn Wood - Professional Photographer

We had been Christians for 20 years when we left church. Then we lost our home and were not sure where to turn. We went on The Lost Secret journey with our home group and it has transformed our lives in more ways than we can describe. Our marriage relationship and team unity are the best they have been in 30 years. God’s power is so real now, and is touching problem after problem in our life. As we wait for His power to deal with a problem we are no longer filled with worry, we have peace. And our dream of buying homes, renovating them, and then selling them at a profit is now happening.

Wayne and Kay Phifer - Sales Representatives


We have been in so-called church from the time we were born. Both of us have been through so much crap! At times we felt like unfixable, broken misfits.

One day about a year ago, David and I were invited to a home group meeting on Monday nights. We only knew a few people there. As we sat and watched how everyone had an openness and care for others in the group, we both said, "This is how church was meant to be!"

Fellowship, honest and genuine, true fellowship, is what the Monday night home group meeting is all about. Being real and transparent with our brothers and sisters who are trustworthy is also what it is about. We have not arrived yet, however the more we go, the more we feel we can just lay it on the line!

Too many times people just "put on a Christian face" and act like everything is peachy. Most of the time it is not. People will out and out lie about how they really are. We have done that too many times! The more we go to the home group, the more we feel we can share exactly how we are doing and not feel condemned and judged. Just how Jesus said it should be!

We are blessed and thankful for our Monday night family. True family and friends love you enough to tell you the truth and then walk with you throughout your problems. They don't just say, "Hey I am praying for you," as mere words. You know they are there for you anytime day or night, truly loving you for who you are.

I have never felt this much love, the Jesus kind of love, until we walked into the home group on Monday night last year. In fact a lot of times I have called Monday nights group therapy because that is what it is to us.

David and Kelly Lynch